Terms and conditions

A booking is confirmed when the bank transfer of the down payment has been received by the deadline agreed on, or after providing the hotel with your credit card information. In case of a booking with a credit car, an amount equivalent to the price of a night is blocked as a guarantee (not charged on the card). The balance can be paid in cash at check-in.

If a booking is cancelled at least five days before the stay at the hotel, the down payement will be transferred to a new booking on a future date in accordance with the client. Past this 5-day deadline, the down payement will be retained or an amount equivalent to the price of a night will be charged on the credit card information provided. These fees won't be applied if the client provides the hotel with another client for the same period.

The clients must leave the rooms and facilities as they found them at their arrival, except the normal usage of these rooms and facilities. The clients must strictly respect the check-out times and leave the rooms and facilities at that moment. Animals and pets are not allowed in the hotel. Unless otherwise agreed, the rooms and suites are only accessible to two people at a time.

The hotel has the right to charge a compensation in mine with the prejudice incurred in case of violation of these rules, displayed in each room and suite, or in case of any damage caused by the clients. The hotel can not be held responsible for any accidents, wounds or diseases that clients can endure whilst using or equipment and facilities. The hotel can not be held responsible for any theft or loss incurring in the rooms and facilities.

All deteriorations must be subject to an immediate reimbursement.

The parking place is available only on demand and following availabilities. And the direction can cancel the booking of the parking place at any moment.

The present terms and conditions can be modified at all time without notice. When booking a room, the clients declare they accept these present termes and conditions.

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